Please check out some examples of our work. You can click on the images for larger views.

Enhanced Performance Brochure

• Our client, Optimal Athletic Performance, wanted a LOGO that reflected a simple and strong image. As well as, demonstrate the movement of an athlete. For the logo we used bold colors and a solid font to show strength and we created a figure in running motion to demonstrate movement.

• Once we completed the Optimal Athletic Performance Logo our next step was to create an introductory BROCHURE for our client to distribute to their prospective clients. The objective of this marketing peice was to provide an overview of Optimal Athletic Performance's services and to encourage further inquiries from prospective clients. This was created in RACK CARD form for distributing in person and in PDF form to distribute via email to prospects.


Optimizing Comfort for a Greener World
Green Services Matrix
5 Steps to Saving Brochure

• Our client, Teamwrkx Mechanical, Inc. (TXM), is a Heating and Air Conditioning company that was working on positioning themselves as both an energy efficient and cost savings option for both their existing and prospective clients.

The first thing we at Reflective Solutions did was to create a TAGLINE that demonstrated exactly what TXM's clients and prospective clients can expect from their services, along with our clients desire to make a greener difference in their community.

• The next step we took was to create a matrix chart of the different type of energy efficient building analysis that TXM offers their clients. To aid in sales efforts.

• Then we created a BROCHURE for TXM to distribute to their clients and prospects that demonstrates that they are experts in energy efficiency. The brochure offers steps for their clients to take to save on their energy bills.


Ionascu Introduction Postcard

• Our client, Ionascu, is a Neuropsychologist who is building her brand within the industry. Ionascu requested a POSTCARD to send to potential patients and other within the industry. The primary objective of this marketing piece is to develop an expert presence of Ionascu within her industry and create a familiarity with her among potential patients.

• Our client, Pamela Dew, is a Certified Mortgage Specialist. She came to us looking to design a website to create an Internet presence for her brand. Some of the goals for the WEBSITE is to demonstrate the expert mortgage services that Dew offers to existing and prospective clients, while showing a family friendly focus. As well as providing a resource for clients and peers in the industry to go to for current California loan rates.


Diversified Informational Brochure
Diversified Capital New Office Postcard
Diversified Capital Freddie Flyer

• Our client, Diversified Capital Funding, is a mortgage service provider for residential loans. They expanded their reach and opened a branch in Tracy, CA. Upon doing so they requested a POSTCARD marketing piece to be sent to the Tracy community introducing their new office, location and Loan Officers. We went on-site and took photos of the building location and used them in our design.

• Next our client requested a marketing BROCHURE that they could distribute to existing Realtors, clients and prospective clients which talks about their service. The main objective was to provide communication information for each branch location.

• We create many FLYERS for this client and presented one here as a sample for your viewing.